Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday school! We resumed classes on September 12, 2010 for children age 3 through Grade 6. This fall term we will be studying lessons from Judges and Kings and the teachers are excited to share these wonderful stories and lessons from God with our Peace children. We plan on having a fall clean-up day at church later in October. It is important for the children to participate in taking care of our church home, more details to follow. Please plan on attending with your children. Afterwards, we will have a Ice Cream sundae party! Also, please note that the Christmas program is scheduled for Sunday, December 12, 2010, as this date is quickly approaching 30 October 2010 PLEASE have you children in Sunday School in order for them to prepare and practice for the program, thanks! It takes a lot of time and teamwork to keep our Sunday School program running so smoothly. Please join Pastor, Theresa, Liz, Kim, Elaine, Gary and myself in the following prayer, as we being this school year.


"Since you alone can give the increase, we ask You dear Lord, to cause the good seed of Your Word to bring forth abundant fruit in the hearts and lives of our Sunday school children. Give them ready and teachablehearts. Cause them to seek their Creator when they are young. Make them full of faith, hope and love. And, having been trained in the way they should go, may they ever abide in it, and even when they are old never leave it. Grant this for Jesus' sake. Amen. Susan Braun