The Wedding Service

The order of service outlined below is designed to be Christian and sacred in character. It is also meant to flexible to allow for personal taste and preference.

  • The Pre-service Music
  • The Lighting of the Candles
  • The Procession
  • The Invocation
  • The Introductory Remarks
  • The Scripture Readings (one or two)
  • The Wedding Address
  • A Congregational Hymn or Solo [optional]
  • The Blessing of Parents
  • The Declaration of Intent
  • The Marriage Vows
  • The Exchange of Rings and Blessing
  • The Blessing and Pronouncement of Marriage
  • The Unity Candle
  • The Wedding Prayer
  • The Lord's Prayer (spoken or solo)
  • The Benediction
  • The Signing of the Register with optional music or solo
  • The Presentation of Husband and Wife
  • The Recessional
  • The Post-service Music



The music for the wedding needs to be in good taste and consistent with the Christian faith. Its basic ingredients are therefore praise and thanksgiving to God for the love he has shown in Jesus Christ, and for the couple. Because the wedding is a worship service and not a "pageant" you are encouraged to involve your guests in the service. A congregational hymn during the service is an appropriate way to do this. The singing of hymns could also be used as the processional and/or recessional music. With regard to solos in general, secular and popular music are seldom appropriate for the Christian wedding because they do not contain the elements of worship. If you have a song that you would like to use in your wedding, please bring it to the Pastor for approval. If there are other “romantic” or "popular” songs that are meaningful to the couple, an appropriate and meaningful time to use them is at the wedding reception.



If you are planning to have a wedding reception you are encouraged to do things to the glory of God, even if the reception is not at the Church. If you wish tor the Pastor or musicians to attend, you are asked to send them an invitation. That invitation should state clearly whether or not their spouse and/or family is included in the invitation for both the wedding and the reception. If you would like the Pastor to say the dinner prayer, please let him know in advance. You are certainly welcome to hold your reception in the Church's fellowship hall. Arrangements should be made through the Pastor and the Board of Trustees. There is no charge for use of the hall for members, however consideration for the janitor’s time should be taken into account. The fee for non-members is $100 for use of the hall and $100 janitorial fee.


Unless You build it, Father, The house is built in vain;

Unless You, Saviour, bless it, The joy will turn to pain.

But nothing breaks a marriage Of hearts in You made one;

The love Your Spirit hallows I send less love begun. "

Lutheran Worship, 251:4