Wedding Policy


You have chosen to consider Peace Lutheran as the Church in which you desire to be married. In doing so, we anticipate that you wish to have a Christian wedding, and will proceed on the assumption that your Christian faith has meaning for your life and marriage. Therefore, if you wish to use our facility, the Pastor/vacancy Pastor of this congregation must be included in the planning and/or performance of your marriage service. The marriage service is not the primary purpose of the Church. The Church exists to proclaim Christ as Saviour and Lord, However, because God ordained marriage, and Christ blessed it and acknowledged that it was ordained by God, the Pastor of the Church is happy to assist you in making your marriage a Christian one. Any Pastor is free to determine whom he will or will not marry since it is at his discretion that he performs this service in Christ's name, on behalf of his congregation, and on behalf 0f the government of the province of Ontario. NO Pastor is obligated to officiate at a wedding where, for reasons of conscience, he does not feel the marriage would be expedient and would be to the detriment of the people involved, or contrary to the will of God.


1. The Pastor alone will determine whom he will or will not marry.

2. The Pastor is not obligated to perform the marriage for any couple who is not in good standing in the Church.

3. The Pastor will not perform any wedding that is contrary to the doctrines of Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

4. The Church cannot guarantee an organist. or soloist, or music but can help to facilitate in finding one. An organ procedure consultation, with a Peace organist, is required if there is a guest organist.

5. The Pastor MUST APPROVE all music to be played or sung during the service. Secular music with no Christian quality in its words will not be permitted. All music must be shown to the Pastor before the marriage, and prior to the time you wish the organist to play it or the soloist to sing it. This will avoid last minute problems with unacceptable music.

6. NO PICTURES are permitted during the service proper, unless approved by the Pastor prior to the service. Pictures are allowed during the processional, recessional and the signing of the registration form and the certificate of marriage as long as it does not interfere or intrude the sanctuary. Parts of the service may be re-enacted after the service should you wish pictures of the service itself.

7. NO CONFETTI or rice shall be allowed in or on the Church property, for obvious reasons.

8. Marriage counselling is part of the process of getting married at Peace. We ask that couples consent to pre-marriage counselling, as well consent to visiting with the Pastor sometime following the marriage at a time and place mutually convenient.

9. The Pastor of this Church will arrange weddings according to his preference and schedule. He will schedule weddings with the Booking Co-ordinator and be mindful of the Church and Fellowship Hall schedule.

THE COUPLE TO BE MARRIED is expected to see to it that all people involved in arranging the wedding musicians, photographers, ushers, be informed of the policy of the Church regarding pictures, confetti, music and other matters that may arise.